tourisme de region

overseas flights, airplane food, sleeping in train stations, missing train connections, using pay phones, not knowing the language, anticipating getting to Ceuse, arriving at the campground and the little caravan, being there for 1 month. all the pizza truck dinners, grocery store sagas, hours spent on terrible wifi, bar visiting and beer tasting, stinky cheese, tarts, blue limestone and big run outs, cold showers, moldy refrigerators, frozen conditions, rain storms and snow. lost somewhere in rural France, quaint villages, amazing bread, local wine and honey, gite rentals, a house full of Germans, the mostly soggy routes at St.Leger. crossing over into Spain, Spanish prostitutes, civil war remnants, olives, the teal cool Mediterranean, seafood, Roman ruins, old farmers and old towns, coffee with milk, the red hue of Siurana and the conglomerate of Montsant, wet routes, climbing in the rain, tapas, 3 course meals, being hungry with no place to go, more cheap wine, terrible water,  tufas of Terradetts, hotel nights, the camp stove and cooking out the window, carrots for pipes, farmers markets, serious old ladies, and the beautiful butcher shop


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