Monthly Archives: November 2009


It’s 6am and I’m sitting by the fire as the earth turns toward the sun. The glow from the wood stove is warming me up just right taking the early morning chill off. Outside a pale blue light is appearing as the fog tucks the trees and the canyon in for the next few hours until the sun, with all its glory, melts the fall mist away. A new day is on the horizon welcomed by the flames that keep life warm.



I received this in an email the other day and it’s had me thinking. I feel it is so symbolic of our American society. We have all of this stuff, so much stuff, yet it leaves us hungry and always wanting more. And in the end the stuff takes over and we’re left empty. What a tragic comedy we have playing itself out. Thankfully someone let the air out of this ball so that the fish could go on living, maybe something will let the air out for us people. It’s so curious as to what the next chapters will bring.