Monthly Archives: August 2010

Horse with No Name

Broken bits of Freedom

lie scattered amongst the

bordered in trees

The essence of the land

use to run free

like wild horses in the wind

Now you rest here

with me and your

smoothed out edges

Lines etched across

wooden grain

A tribe broken

like the Buffalo

on the Kansas quarter

A glimpse of life gone by

But we’re making dollars

and expanding possibilities

of pipelines to capture

water diverting life

into used up wounded

beings of police brutality

and white-collar crimes

against nature taking

our spirits and tricking

our minds to sign up

for your military in the

name of killing for protection

our liberty to purchase

your $90 yoga matt

The keys to our spiritual reconnection

In Cadillac’s pulling

through McDonald’s

A cardiac path to self-destruction

We used to run free

like wild horses in the wind

But now we are owned by

those who have stolen life

With their patents on seeds

and boxes of greed

Cluttering up the harbors

and ports with landfills

of 5 cent deposit plastic

water bottles polluted

with petroleum-based products

lubing up the pain

of the realization

that we have sold ourselves

to the lies and manipulation

of the true cost of living

in track homes with no backbone

to carry the load

of perpetuating life.