Monthly Archives: December 2008

Arch Rock Journey through Time

I returned today, from my holiday travels, to the granite of Yosemite. The previous week and a half were spent among family, celebrating the last year with it’s giving of new life, taking away of the old and the constant change that comes with both. This year’s trip back to the mystery of ¬†Louisiana and the hills of North Carolina was one of the best trips back to see everyone. I say that mostly because so many lessons were learned this year; I was completely open to be me and really grasped what it means to have that freedom and know that being happy truly does come from within.

While these things were being shown to me through my family, my thoughts were drifting back to Yosemite; to having the choice and the freedom and the vision to climb the granite rocks here. I was in great excitement about returning.

The trip back to California was slightly brutal and heightened my want to be here all the more. Alas, today I organized myself to go to Arch Rock and stretch myself out on one of the best routes of time. I made my way to the top of the cliff, through the talus field and sloped side, under manzanitas and bay trees, and along side the tracks of deer – it was so refreshing and energizing. I went to set my rope on Anticipation, a minitrax – solo day. I anchored the rope and slid down to the base of climb. Ready, to feel myself move with the cracks and fractures. It felt good – the rock, cool and grippy and my body fell into motion of what to do. My breath soon followed and my thoughts turned to the present, to climbing up this rock. It was meditative and timely. Reaching the anchors, I felt transformed. There I was at the top of this climb, one that had passed through my thoughts a few times during those holiday travels. I had flown across the country, had a taste of what my fellow Americans are up to, threw myself into the mix of a media driven society and stayed true to myself and my reality, only to return to be standing at the top of Anticipation. Looking down at the Merced River I was so happy I felt like singing and I knew then with every inch of my being that I had made all the choices that led to me being there. I was thankful that I stayed on this path, with all it’s training of the mind, heart and body to get me to this place.