katie-cookie-copyKatie Lambert is a professional rock climber based out of Bishop, CA. Originally from Louisiana, she found climbing at the age of 15 and for the last 26 years, she has centered her life around making rock climbing and time spent outdoors a priority. Katie has traveled extensively for climbing not just in the US but throughout Europe, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, and Turkey. Her knowledge of the rock extends from bouldering, to sport climbing, to trad climbing and big walls; she has made several first ascents in Yosemite, the Eastern Sierra, the Cirque of the Unclimbables and abroad. Katie is the COO of a Yosemite based non-profit called Sacred Rok (http://www.SacredRok.org); an organization dedicated to getting underserved youth, primarily from California’s Central Valley, into nature to experience it for themselves. She received her Masters in Nutrition in 2016 and with knowledge on eating for health and performance she works as a Nutritional Therapist with her business (https://www.highsierranutritionalwellness.com). Lambert also writes a column for Climbing Magazine called Out on a Ledge, which comes out in print monthly or can be found electronically here: https://www.climbing.com/byline/katie-lambert/

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  • Brian

    Beautiful and inspiring post. Life can only become complete when you finally realize the goals and dreams that you set out for yourself during the turbulence and chaos of childhood. I am still a journeyman in this respect, slowly feeling my way towards what I hope is a more peaceful and stable day-to-day existence. I have too much to be grateful for, although sometimes your dreams even swallow those sentiments and in doing so rob you of their influence. I am trying my hand at climbing now at the ripe age of 27, and I plan on giving it my best to see where it takes me. Wish I was in Yosemite, never made it out there when I was in the bay, so enjoy for the rest of us! Keep up the great work with the writing and blog.

  • Gary


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  • Andrew OBrien

    Hi Katie

    I am new to climbing. I just turned 50 and feel amazing. I did Outward Bound in Canada when I was 18 and I have done a little indoor climbing. I just want to thank you for your article in “Climbing” Magazine “What’s It Worth”. It has shifted my paradigm with both work & climbing.

    Thank you for your amazing insight and honesty & heartfelt openness (if that is such a word).

    You totally rock.

    From Toronto Canada

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