The Limits of My Reach

I’m spending another winter amongst the rocks and vistas of Bishop, CA. Every winter here seems to have some theme that I fall into. This years theme is all about exploring the limits of my reach. Being a massive 5’00” I have a great advantage over most rock climbers, in that every route and/or boulder problem offers me a little bit more. Because something is a bit reachy for me isn’t exactly a bad thing, it just means that I need to adapt myself and the way I climb in order to better reach the next hold(s). In this way climbs give me a little bit more to work for and while it may be seemingly daunting getting shut down on a V5 because “dang it, the hold is just too far away,” I’m taking it as added training. I have to be that much more creative, try that much harder, and want it that much more. So, I’m running with this theme this year and I’m seeking out boulder problems with massive reaches so that I can push myself into the realm of doubt and hopefully come out on the otherside successful, enlightened, stronger, and maybe even a little bit longer.

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