Tracks laid across landscapes

traveling through towns and villages and

countrysides spotted with evidence of human habitation.

Arrived at the depot carrying backloads and armfuls

of our minimum possessions.

Through cobblestone streets where passersby looked on in curiosity.

The climbing rope, tied to the outside of the pack,

telling a tale of what we seek to do.

Through a large wooden door on the street

up polished slabs of camel colored stairs.

Winding upward to another door where we can stay the night,

before retracing our steps.

Down stairs, out of doors, across streets to a bus

that took us through more of the countryside.

Into the hills and slopes of mountains with walls

made by the earth of limestone rock.

Arrived in Gap with stomachs empty

and the heavy loads pulling us inward.

We sit at tables eating kebab until full

from which we continued out trek on up the hill.

Thumbing a ride at the edge of town.

A middle-aged woman, Vivian, transported us

to the camping at the base of Ceuse.

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A Louisiana raised California climber. View all posts by Katie Lambert

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