Rights of Passage

Each of us as a human has the right to our own vision(s). Through these vision(s), I believe, we find the opportunity to discover who we are.  As a rock climber my vision is to continue to allow the places in which I climb to shape me into the best human being I can be. My vision is to walk a humble path of strength and power, but not power in a take over sort of way. Power in a way of personal freedom, the freedom to be me and express it as best I can.

Traditionally, it seems, societies had a sort of rights of passage for the people to assist them in their visions and aid them in their path of growing up. As a Yosemite climber one of the “traditional” rights of passage is climbing El Capitan. As a free climber my personal rights of passage is not only climbing El Cap but free climbing it. This brings us to today.

It’s a rainy day Tuesday here in Yosemite. And a rest day to boot! Yesterday Ben Ditto and I went up on The Nose to fix our ropes up a ways. The general idea is to free climb our way up there or “French Free” if need be and check out the route.; to become familiar with the terrain and the systems, etc. I’ve had my fair share of long routes but I’ve never done a wall in full wall style. Meaning, mostly that I’ve never hauled before. Yesterday was my intro to hauling!

This was very interesting aspect. Throwing one’s weight around in order to haul up a large bag full of gear and water and food is a bit of a burly task, especially if you are trying to free climb. Needless to say I was a wee bit worked by the day’s end. But, it felt great and it had me (it has me) excited about the whole goal, about the vision.

So, the rest day, rainy day is welcome. As of this moment the weather is looking like rain and possible snow until Friday. Come Sunday its sunny skies and we’ll most likely take up residence on The Nose for a few days. This will be step three in the whole process and something I anticipate greatly. The climbing will be interesting, the hauling will be tough, the view will be breath-taking and by the time we reach the summit I’m pretty sure I’ll be exhausted. It’s going to be a good journey and I look forward to seeing what lies on the other side.

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