A Yosemite Climber

Ament Arete

The weather in Yosemite has been exceptionally wet this winter. To try and keep my sanity I’ve been making trips over to the Sonora area for some sport climbing action. It’s kind of kicking my butt, but it’s great for training. Yesterday in Yosemite we had a glimpse of good weather so I hiked up to my project only to be completely discouraged. The waterfall there is a raging torrent and it seems like perhaps this will remain a project until next fall. This left me feeling a bit disconcerted and I wandered around for a couple hours feeling a bit lost and wondering to myself what was I really doing. Despite all the climbing the last months and weeks in Bishop and Sonora, intermixed with a few days here and there in the Valley I was feeling a little uninspired, lost and begging the question “Who am I?”. I went to the village store and saw the new Rock and Ice issue and opened it up to the table of contents page. There clasped  in my hands was a picture of me on Middle Cathedral rock in the Valley.  I laughed out loud and thought to myself, “There I am, that’s me. How funny that I have to find myself in a magazine.” As I looked closer at the picture and the pages next to it I realized that all I’ve really ever wanted to be is a Yosemite climber. For those who are familiar with Yosemite and it’s rich climbing history Middle stands as an icon of what Yosemite climbing is.  And there I was perched in that very place.  It was a good reminder of what my path is, where I’ve come from and what I am moving towards.  After leaving the store I discovered, much to my surprise and delight, that the Camp 4 boulders were dry and out came the bouldering pads. After a few recharging and harmonious hours playing on the granite rocks there I returned home, feeling much better than when I left. Because there I was,  in Yosemite, climbing rocks. I understood who I have become, who I am – a Yosemite climber.

Kor Problem


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