November Wind

What is it that rides on the late fall wind,

that brings feelings of fireworks

subdued by the mist of the early morning air?

It is something that stirs the soul deep within

covering the back,

embracing the shoulders like a blanket warmed from fire.

It is something that at once seems electrifying and serene,

vibrant and dull.

Is it the coming of winter

with it’s quiet slumber under a chill filled sky?

No, no it is much more than that

which rides on the back of the November wind.

It is the magic of life

that sparks with the stars

and ripples down the river;

it is the crest of a wave

and the crash on the shore

beating patterns in the sand.

Again and again.

This wind carries with it

the pulse of existence

that circles the earth

and twirls through the universe

and resides here

in our hearts.

About Katie Lambert

A Louisiana raised California climber. View all posts by Katie Lambert

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