Ode to a dog

out in the trees, dirt on our knees
we laid him down forever
and on that hill there it was still
as in the ever after

he lays his rest we knew it best
to lay him down so gently
and now he sleeps where moss does creep
and no more is he with me

the birds did cry, and so did i
to think of life so lonely
and in their song i heard it long
what sadness, and what beauty

your friend is gone, but you live on
in life you loved him fully
but now little streams and forests
and all is made more holy

“Dogsong 2” by: The Be Good Tanyas

sid relaxing

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One response to “Ode to a dog

  • Nancy Goodban

    Katie, that is a beautiful poem and so fitting for sweet Sid. She is an old soul, and brought much joy to this world. We will miss her, and so will Orion!


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